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Project Cargo & Bulk Liquid Logistics

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Project Cargo & Bulk Liquid Logistics

We provides complete Project Cargo services for entire large scale, heavy lift projects whether the assignment is to relocate or move to a remote location. We manage for project cargo import & export shipment and domestics delivery to site. We have the capability to perform Bulk Liquid Logistic service throughout Indonesia. We have a complete resources in liquid bulk transportation and overall logistic services Benefit of using bulk liquid package is flexibility of storage solution in terms of size, type, and efficient in costing



Time is a determinant of service quality in the logistics industry. We understand how the business fate can be highly reliant on time accuracy. So, we mastered the ability to handle time-critical shipping and run effective logistics operational.

In Arpilog, we deal with challenges and perform our activities with high sense of urgency every day. That’s how we craft timeliness into a habit. Every of our manpower is trained to have a mindset that precision of time is more than just a job requirement, but a lifestyle they need.


We’re not just delivering goods, we deliver your promise to a customer. In Arpilog, we believe that a good relationship with our client is more important than a good profit. That’s why we always keep our word when it comes to services.

Becoming your honest and trustworthy partner is the best value we can offer. We are ready to accept responsibility for our actions and follow through on promises and commitments. We help you to running the business in peace knowing there’s a partner you always can rely on.


More than just doing a job, we take pride in what we do. We believe that competency is not everything, because quality is what a heart creates. In Arpilog we didn’t worship a result, we value the process. We didn’t aim for perfection, we always have space for a mistake. That’s how we continuously grow and develop solutions.

We understand that quality is carved by time, so we focus on increasing our flight hours and performing our best to deliver high quality service to our clients and partners.

Caring Attitude

You are more than just a client, you are our partner who we care for. We are glad to be a part of your business’s success journey. That’s why we treat every project with care and a high sense of belonging.

In Arpilog we believe that good deeds always lead to a good opportunities. So, we made a bond with customers to form a relationship that can understand, be suitable, and exceed expectations through the perpetual improvement of our quality of service in a personal & professional way.


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